Having offices in both Bangkok and Laem Chabang, We, Meiko Trans (Thailand) offer the most suitable service to handle any size and any kinds of cargoes by LCL, FCL or conventional vessel according to the spec of cargoes. We provide effective intermodal transportation service by combining many services such as packing, container vanning/devanning, warehousing, distribution as well as import/export customs clearance by hearing customers needs and demands.

By the acceleration of the consumption cycle, the importance of air freight is getting higher and higher these days. The most important thing for air freight is promptness and speed. As the IATA Cargo Agent, cooperating with concerned parties, we deliver your valuable cargo to the door safely and speedily by shortest lead time through our international network all over the world. If you have any urgent cargo, please contact us first. Our experienced staffs are sure to serve you in a professional manner.

Our own 4 wheels and 6 wheels trucks are all equipped with real - time GPS tracking system. Introducing Delivery System that is developed by our own IT staffs, we manage data to improve and make our POD procedure more accurate and fast. As expert in transport operation, we handle all kinds of merchandise and deliver them to your destination safely and speedily.

We have warehouses in Laem Chabang (LCFZ & ESLC) and Samutprakarn (SBLC). Equipped with modern facilities, we offer sufficient inventory management service to our customers. We use WMS (Warehouse Management System) with barcode, which is developed by our own IT staffs, to control all processes such as receiving process, put away location process, picking process and packing process.(LCFZ: Laem Chabang Free Zone)This is a free zone warehouse certified by BOI (7.7 International Distribution Center), located in Frasers Property Logistics Park (Laem Chabang 2). It is only 8 KM to Laem Chabang Port and easily accessible to several industrial estates in Eastern area.Warehouse Space : 8,950 sqmSelective Rack Capacity : 9,957 PalletsFloor Loading Capacity : 3 tons / sqmLoading Bay and Dock Leveler : 11 UnitsCCTV : 56 Units(SBLC: Suvarnabhumi Logistics Center)SBLC is located in Asia Industrial Estate (Suvarnabhumi), which is in Bang Bo, Samutprakarn. It is 21KM to Suvarnabhumi International Airport, 40 KM to central Bangkok and easily accessible to Bangkok Port and Laem Chabang Port. We have 2 buildings in SBLC. One is an oil storage warehouse and the other is a general warehouse. In oil storage warehouse, we can keep oil products up to 8 million litter. There is a cold storage room (800 sqm: 15 ํC ~ 25 ํC) in general warehouse where we can keep goods which require temperature control. (Oil Storage Warehouse)Warehouse Space : 9,304 sqmSelective Rack Capacity : 6,074 PalletsFloor Loading Capacity : 5 tons / sqmLoading Bay : 14 Units (Dock Leveler : 10 Units)CCTV : 64 Units(General Warehouse)Warehouse Space : 9,485 sqmSelective Rack Capacity : 3,447 PalletsFloor Loading Capacity : 3 tons and 5 tons / sqmLoading Bay : 9 Units (Dock Leveler : 5 Units)CCTV : 29 Units(ESLC: Eastern Seaboard Logistics Center)ESLC is located in Frasers Property Logistics Center (Eastern Seaboard 2A) in Chonburi. Its location is only a few minutes away from several Industrial Estates.We have 3 units of warehouse in ESLC.In addition to general products area, we have cold storage areas (Total 1,770 + 1,350 sqm: 15 ํC ~ 25 ํC).Warehouse: W3/1 & 3/2Warehouse Space : 5,462.5 sqmSelective Rack Capacity : 3,284 PalletsFloor Loading Capacity : 3 tons / sqmLoading Bay : 7 UnitsCCTV : 33 UnitsWarehouse: W1/2Warehouse Space : 2,450 sqmSelective Rack Capacity : 2,040 PalletsFloor Loading Capacity : 3 tons / sqmLoading Bay : 3 UnitsCCTV : 22 UnitsOur warehouse services include;

MTT integrate IT as one of the key for customer satisfaction and advantages. Our clients can rely on us and get the most suitable up-to-date technologies from our operations. Since we are a proficient IT team, we provide high technology such real-time data and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) via our ‘One Meiko’ system - B2B E-commerce Business Platform. However, we also strongly concern about data security. Moreover, we are able to adapt in-house systems for providing the flexibility in various customer requirements.